Monday, February 1, 2010


A new Lu in town

Many of you know how enamored I am of Lu Yong and his silky-smooth lifting, particularly how quiet his feet are, but there's a new Lu in town who has piqued my interest and put on a spectacular show recently. Even the crowd is astounded at the explosive, lightning-fast, ox-strong form of Lu Xiaojun at this past World Championships in Goyang, Korea, where he set 2 new world records in the 77kg Men's competition: 174kg snatch and 378kg total. His last snatch at 174 is about 2.25x his bodyweight, and in my opinion is as perfect a lift as you will ever see.

Of course, he was just warming up in the snatch. Watch how easily he stands up with his cleans at 200 and 204kg, and pops up the easy squat jerks. Every lift honestly looked like warmup weights. He unfortunately caught the bar on his neck on his 3rd clean with a world record weight of 211kg and had to give up on the jerk, but the overall performance was the kind of thing that should attract more people to this beautiful sport. The sheer joy he exudes in his lifting is an added bonus to an already-inspiring athlete. That he only started weightlifting at age 18 according to reports (he was a 200m track specialist prior to that) only adds to the legend.

At the end of the clip, you'll be treated to another amazing attempt at a world record weight, Korea's Sa-Jae Hyouk giving a 2nd go at 212kg. He gets as close as you can get to hitting a weight without getting 3 white lights, but unfortunately couldn't hang on to the jerk. A great, great effort nonetheless!

And in case you were curious, here's the 210kg clean and jerk world record Oleg Perepetchenov that both lifters above had their sights set on:

And just so he gets more deserving views, here's my favorite Lu Yong performance, at the 2008 Olympics where he lifted 214kg on his 2nd attempt, received 3 white lights, then had the jury overrule the judges decision to take the lift away from him. He stayed calm and collected, and went out and completely buried the weight on his 3rd attempt to sew up the gold medal. A fascinating battle against Andrei Rybakou, the world record holder in the snatch, and a breathtaking conclusion:

OK, so upon further review, I'm not so sure who my favorite Lu is after all! How about yu?

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Lu Yong for me. Such intensity, he even rivals klokov!
he locked that second attempt out in a manor I have not witnessed before. Great Video!

Keep us updated with the latest in weightlifting!

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